10 Popular Indian Movie Dialogues in Humble Politician Nagaraju Style Aka Danish Sait

Humble Politician Nagaraju

Danish Sait, the man who needs no introduction is popular for his wittiest pranks and humorous acts is a well-known name in the digital media. You might have seen him as Mr.Nags of RCB insider or as a humble politician Nagaraju in FB live videos or on Youtube. He is highly enthusi-ass among the youthiyas and has broken all the stereotypes of comedy to set the new standards of entertainment in the social media. As a prankster, as an actor, as an RJ, as an orator, as an entertainer and as a human being, today Danish Sait is no less than a star with more than 2.5 million followers on Facebook and 89.6 k followers on Instagram.

We all have watched his typical Nagaraju Videos and one thing we all loved is his English accent. Oh, my Gaad! It is gaargious. Isn’t it? So, we have imagined few popular Indian movie dialogues in Nagaraju style and we hope you can relate and enjoy as brutally as we did. So, dear friends, let’s get started.

10 Popular Indian Movie Dialogues in Humble Politician Nagaraju Style

Maa Dialogue from movie Deewar

This is one of those Indian dialogues which is popular and well-known to people from all walks of life. It has been dub smashed, enacted, and practiced in all forms of art. Now, it’s time for Nagaraju to deliver this epic dialogue.

Humble Politician Nagaraju

Gabbar Singh Dialogue from Sholay

Nagaraju has a problem and a suggestion to this popular Sholay Dialogue. Because Aadmi doesn’t sound professional you know.

Humble Politician Nagaraju english


If you are active on Social media then you might have seen this Haveli dialogue in almost all the memes prepared and published on social media. Have you imagined this in Nagaraju’s style? Here you go.

Humble Politician Nagaraju facebook

Pustkad Badnekai

Yet another marvelous dialogue from Upendra in the movie ‘A’ which spoke about the downside of love.

Humble Politician Nagaraju

Bul Bul

There is no Kannadiga on this universe who is not aware of this utterly popular and gaargious dialogue from the movie Naagarahaavu. The word Bul Bul is so famous that it has become a slang, a song and also a movie. Check out the Humble Politician Nagaraju’s version of Bul Bul.

 danish sait

Famous Don Dialogue

What if our Nagaraju plays the character of Don? Well, this is how he might add his style to this famous Dialogue of Don.

Humble Politician Nagaraju

Pushpa, I hate tears.

One of the highly acclaimed movies of Rajesh Khanna is Amar Prem and do you remember the Pushpa dialogue from it? If not then our Humble politician Nagaraju will make you remember.

Humble Politician Nagaraju

I’m God. God is Great.

Are you a fan of Upendra? Then you will love this. This dialogue is from the popular Kannada movie of 90’s called ‘A’ directed and acted by the Real star Upendra.

Humble Politician Nagaraju english

Kanwar Lol

This dialogue is from the movie ‘Kanwar lal’ starring popular Sandalwood star Mr.Ambareesh. But our Nagaraju has a problem with the word ‘Lal’.

Humble Politician Nagaraju facebook


The moment you remember Amrish Puri this dialogue will certainly hit you. This dialogue from the movie Mr.India got so viral that it gave a new charm to Amrish Puri in Bollywood.

Humble Politician Nagaraju

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