10 myths about Eggs that every Vegetarian must know


There have always been misconceptions and myths about eggs and its benefits and there are also many myths about it. Through this article, we will try and educate you by clearing certain misconceptions. To start with, eggs are one of the best proteins for the human body.

Myths about Eggs



There is a myth about eggs which says only the white part has protein but that is wrong as even the yolk contains half of the protein.


Some believe that eggs should not be consumed when their sell by date has passed but let me inform you that the expiration date is 2 to 3 weeks beyond this date.



Another myth about eggs is that the brown-shelled eggs are healthier than white-shelled eggs but to correct you all, the color of the shell hardly matters or has nothing to do with the protein contains and nutritional quality of the eggs.



You must have heard many times that eating eggs raises your cholesterol levels but this is just a myth as the dietary cholesterol found in eggs has little or nothing to do with the amount of cholesterol in human body.


Some believe that fertile eggs are not safe to eat however the fact is it’s completely fine to consume an egg which has been fertilized.



Another myth is that the eggs should not be consumed every day but the fact is, consuming an egg every day gives you proteins and has no known side effects.


Some believe that consuming raw eggs and cooked eggs are simply the same but the truth is, it’s always advisable to consume cooked eggs over raw eggs as cooking will help to kill the bugs.



Some say that washing eggs can help to remove the dirt but the irony here is, when the eggs are washed there are more chances for bacteria to get inside the egg.


Many have an assumption that dirt on egg shells are organic and good for health but the truth is, the dirt may be organic but it’s definitely not good for health as it has bacteria which may make you fall sick.

One of the myths about eggs is that only bad eggs always smell bad, however, the fact is eggs can smell and taste just fine and still have salmonella.


After reading this article I hope you will know the benefits and good effects of consuming eggs.