10 Key Takeaways From Ganguly’s Address After Becoming BCCI President

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Saurav Ganguly has been formally elected as Board of Control for Cricket in India’s President on October 24. He is now the 39th President of the Indian Cricket Board. Here are the 10 crucial questions pitched at the former captain in the press conference after becoming the president.

Q. From being the new India captain in 2000 and now being the new BCCI President in 2019. How different are the emotions personally?

Touching his blazer he said it was given to him in 2000 when he was the captain of the cricket team. “It’s an honor that I have been asked to take this role. It’s a new start for the BCCI. I see me in a position where I can make a difference and it’s a challenge,” said Ganguly.


“It’s the first day I sat on a chair where some great people have sat. It was equal when I became the captain as well. Some great names led the country before me. I have a role to do and I will do that to the best of my ability,” he added.

Q. Why did you term the present situation of BCCI as an emergency?

In BCCI, there were reforms, there were court cases and a lot of tussles that had no connection. Nobody had an idea about when things would be solved and how things would go forward. We will get the system back in order. “I will take it my way. I will do it the way with no agreement on credibility, corruption-free, and same-for-all BCCI. That’s the process I led India and that’s the way I will take this system forward,” he said.

Q. Conflict of interest ISSUES

Conflict of interest needs to be examined if you want good players. If they come to power and do not get an opportunity to do anything else, I don’t think you will get many. That has to be ordered by the courts, by the BCCI top executives and a more practical situation needs to be created. I am not saying completely take away conflict of interest. But, deal with it the right way.


Q. Top cricketers not coming forward as selectors is a case in point

First-class cricket requires to be observed at very seriously. I am a big follower of how first-class cricketers need to be looked after and that will be at top of my plan.

Q. How do you see Virat Kohli as captain?

Virat Kohli is the most ‘important’ person in Indian cricket, we will listen to him. Common respect will be there, ideas will be there. I will talk to Virat Kohli tomorrow, we will help him in every possible way, whatever he wants,” dada said.

Q. Are you satisfied with Kohli leading the team?

“For now the team is doing well and there is no point of argument for why Virat Kohli? The role of being a captain is a tuff job, I have been a captain myself and I understand from that position. It is mutual respect which will be there, so discussions will be there and we will do what is best for the game.”


Q. How do you see Ravi Shastri as a Team’s Head Coach?

“I don’t know what had happened with the CoA and Virat and Ravi. We stand here to make their life more comfortable, not make their life tough. And everything will be based on performance. Performance is the most notable thing and that’s what will determine the future of Indian cricket,” he said.

Q. Relationship between BCCI and ICC

“We have not collected any money from ICC in the last few years. Money in the sense of what we justify. BCCI is assumed to get $372 million from ICC in the next five-year cycle. It is difficult at the backend as we have the two World Cups. We will make sure we get it.”

source: ani

Q. Are you happy with Team India’s performance?

“India has played well and come back strong after the World Cup which must have been disappointing. They have come back and done well against West Indies and South Africa. They have been superb and there is a lot of difference between India and other sides at the moment except for England and Australia.”


“The team is currently the No. 1 Test side and is roosted comfortably at the top of the World Test Championship table. In One Day International, they are following England and in T20s they are placed fourth.”

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Q. Dhoni’s future, did you reach out to the former captain?

“I have not spoken to him yet. Probably, we will face soon and have a word with one of the legends in Indian cricket. Like Dhoni, I have always believed in myself when I came back in 2007 and played for four years. You know champions don’t finish very quickly. I don’t know what’s on his mind, what he thinks about his career. So we will deal with that. He is one of the greats of the game. The country is very proud to have MS Dhoni,” he said.