10 Key Attractions of Mysore Dasara Which Makes it the Best Of All World Festivals

mysore dasara

It is truly a momentous feeling to witness the grandeur of Mysuru Dasara. There is a history to this celebration and easily one of the biggest crowd pullers, attracting the populace from all the walks of life. The festival of Mysuru Dasara is also known as ‘Naada Habba’ in Karnataka. It commemorates the victory of good over evil. Dasara is dedicated to the cardinal Goddess of Mysuru, Shri Chamundeshwari Devi and over the time, it has become synonymous with the city.

From the time of Wodeyars to till date, Mysore Dasara has imbibed the culture of Karnataka and in every sense, the carnival speaks and lionizes the dexterity of bona fide craftsmanship. From the prodigious beauty of Jamboo Savari, the spectacular view of Mysuru Palace, Food Mela, to Dasara Sports and the abounding list of events, Mysuru Dasara is a gala that does not fall flat to fascinate you with more and more surprises. Here, we are looking at the key attractions of Mysore Dasara which makes it the best of all World Festivals. Come, let’s check them out.


Mysore Dasara – One Festival, Many Experiences

Mysuru has a long tradition of Celebrating the Dasara Festival

Mysore Dasara
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The festival of Dasara of this stature was first started by the King of Wodeyars, Raja Wodeyar I in the year 1610, around 400 years ago. It was during the time of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, around 200 years ago, the culture of Darbars was started. The tradition has been continued till today and the king of this generation Shri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wodeyar graces the private Darbar during Dasara.

Splendid Jamboo Savaari

mysore dasara celebrations
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Mysore Dasara
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The paramount highlight of Mysuru Dasara Celebrations is the Splendid Dasara procession, also famous as the Jamboo Savari among the locales. On Vijayadashmi, the tenth day of Navaratri, the procession of Elephants will be held on the streets of Mysuru. One chosen Elephant will shoulder the responsibility of carrying the Golden Howdah weighing exactly 750 kgs. Howdah houses the idol of Shri Chamundeshwari and the entire Savaari will be a magnificent visual retreat.

The procession begins from the Mysuru palace and ends at Bannimantap grounds. One can witness the colorful tableaux, dance groups, music bands, armed forces, folklores, the beauty of decorated elephants, horses, camels being a part of the procession. Jamboo Savari and the entire galore of it brings the age-old tradition, culture, and heritage to your experience.


Beautifully Lit-up and Illuminated Mysore Palace

mysore dasara facts
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Mysuru is incomplete without the mention of Mysuru palace and to that extent, it has become an integral part of the city. While the city wears a festive look, you will see the palace is decorated with nearly one lakh bulbs from 7:00 – 10:00 PM on all the ten days of Dasara. The exclusive display of diamond-studded royal throne is one of the key attractions of Mysuru Dasara Celebrations.

Mammoth Beauty of Elephants

Mysore Dasara

It is very hard to imagine Mysuru Dasara without Jamboo Savari and when I say Jamboo Savari, Elephants are the stars of the show. There is a history of 200 years for this Jamboo Savari and from ages, the generations of Elephants are carrying the Golden Howdah of Goddess Lord Chamundeshwari Devi. These Elephants are well trained and schooled to grace the procession of Dasara with their gigantic beauty. It is said that the best Elephant will be given the responsibility of carrying the Howdah.

Food Mela

attractions of mysore dasara
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If you are a foodie then this Food Mela will attract you more than any events of Mysuru Dasara. This is a stage where the authentic Mysuru food will be served. Everything from Sweets, Edibles, Snacks, to Cookery items, and local flavors.


Venue: Scouts and Guides, Hotel Lalit Mahal Palace grounds

Exhibition and Shopping

Mysore Dasara
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An another attraction of Mysore Dasara is its exhibition. Initiated in the early 20th Century, this gala begins during Dasara and continues for about two months. Usually, it will be held at the Doddakere Maidan opposite to Mysuru palace. You can see all the colors of Mysuru here and this exhibition has festive dolls, plastic and glassware, handicrafts, food, ornaments and more for you in its store.

Sensuous Beauty of Bombe Habba (Doll Festival)

mysore dasara celebrations
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Bombe Habba is a tradition that is followed from ages where Dolls of different kinds will be arranged during the fest. Every Bengaluru and Mysuru homes will have Dolls as a part of Dasara Celebration.


The Graceful Cultural Evenings

Mysore Dasara
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One of the main attractions of Mysuru Dasara is its Cultural Programmes. Artists from all arena will come and perform here. This festival has set the stage for so many young talents in the name of Yuva Dasara. All the ten days of Navaratri Celebrations, you can enjoy the plethora of Music, Dance, Cinema, and all forms of art and culture.

Wrestling Tournament

Mysore Dasara
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From the time of Vijayanagara rule, wrestling has been a part of Karnataka’s culture. The same has been continued and till date, we can see the wrestling events being conducted. It takes place in Devraj Urs stadium, near the exhibition grounds. The entire ambiance of the wrestling ground, local cheers, and the breeze of enthusiasm will add up to the thrilling fight.

What’s New

mysore dasara facts
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Few of the newer attractions of Mysuru Dasara 2018 are Helicopter ride, Palace on Wheels, 3D Projection, and Trin Trin. You can enjoy the aerial view of Mysuru Dasara through a helicopter ride. The 3D projection of Mysuru palace is one such experience of life you cannot afford to miss. If you are thinking what this trin trin is about then it is a jolly cycle ride, this Dasara cycle your way.

These were the key highlights of Mysore Dasara and for more information, you can visit the official site of Mysuru Dasara where you will get the details of all the events and programmes.


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Dasara or Dusshera is celebrated across the country with all the grandiosity and majesty but the breadth of celebrations in Mysuru is something unique and the splendor it brings has no match at all.

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