10 Kannada Actors Who Can Grace OTT Platforms And Fit Perfectly To The Web-Series Format

The OTT revolution in our country has finally empowered the audience to recognize true acting talents and walk away from the tedious worshiping of the ‘stars’. The outcome, novel stories are being brought forward, and diverse kinds of entertainment are being streamed in front of the viewers.

This revolution inevitably will percolate into KFI, and thankfully, we have plenty of actors who can steer this metamorphosis. Also, content on OTT platforms is closer to reality than ever before, and hence, artists with varying features and qualities are preferred.


In this article, we focus on 10 such Kannada actors who can grace the OTT platforms and fit into the web-series format perfectly. So, who are Kannada’s Pankaj Tripathi’s and Nawazudding Siddique’s? Let’s find out:

Achyutha Kumar

An actor who is now a prominent part of every big Kannada movie, Achyutha Kumar is the perfect candidate to lead the OTT revolution in Kannada. His impeccable acting skills make him a good option to play the lead role of a web-series in the future.

Arundathi Nag

She is acting personified, and one of the very few senior actresses in India who can hold the audience’s attention just by her screen presence.


Prakash Belawadi

This man has done varied roles till now, and has even featured in a few Bollywood films. Basically from the theater background, Prakash Belawadi must be in the list if a big-budget Kannada series takes off.

ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ belawadi
ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ belawadi

Rajesh Nataranga

Similar to Achyutha Kumar, Rajesh Nataranga can play the good guy and the bad guy to equal measure, all just using his acting skills and not depending on any external modifications.


Her acting qualities are well-known, but unfortunately, her presence has been less frequent in Sandalwood. The roles that the likes of Gul Panang are pulling off so often, Bhavana can be a equally good option.


Sanchari Vijay

A National Award winner, Sanchari Vijay is an underutilized actor in Sandalwood. As seen from his previous roles, Vijay excels in realistic situations, something that happens very often in OTT movies or web-series.

Shashank Purushotham

Shashank Purushotham is a terrific actor who can pull off the ‘serious guy’ role to perfection. Just like Achyutha Kumar, Shashank can also play the lead role of a web series.


Her performance in Popcorn Monkey Tiger is enough to justify the roles and variations that Smitha can pull off. To actually consider, Popcorn Devi in itself is worthy of a thrilling web-series.


Roger Narayan

He has acted in very few films so far, but Roger Narayan’s English accent and subtle detailing in his acting makes him a fine pick for an OTT web-series.

Prashanth Siddi

Director Suri has used him exceptionally well so far, and it is only just that Prashanth Siddi gets a role where he can fulfill his potential in the future. His physical features make him a special asset to have in a web-series.