10 interesting facts about Sasikala Natarajan that no TV channel has told you.

Sasikala facts

Sasikala Natarajan, a lady who almost became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu is today’s talk of the hour. Over three decades, the rise of Sasikala has been instantaneous under the shadow of Jayalalitha and AIADMK. In the wave of sympathy, this lady has definitely added a pinch of salt on the burning wound of Tamil Nadu politics. Here are few interesting facts about Sasikala Natarajan that no TV channel has told you.



Sasikala hails from Mannargudi, a village in Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu. She was a school drop-out and had no rich education background like most of our other Indian politicians.


Sasikala was introduced to Jayalalitha by VS Chandralekha who was an IAS officer turned politican. She also introduced Sasikala to R.Natarajan who then became her husband.



It was 1998 when Sasikala moved to Jayalalitha’s residence, Poes garden with her husband Natarajan



In 1991, Sasikala and her family was accused for corruption practices which mutilated Jayalalitha’s image and of AIADMK’s which resulted in the defeat of the political team.


Sasikala is known as ‘Chinnamma’ in Tamil nadu meaning mother’s younger sister. This shows her connection with Jayalalitha who was popularly called as ‘Amma’.



In 1996, DMK Government had put a case on Jayalalitha for disproportionate of assets and Sasikala too was named in the list of accused. They were sentenced to four years of jail with a fine of Rs.100 crore but apparently got released on bail after spending 21 days in jail.


Sasikala had a power to appoint key officers and people for major positions. She was a proxy chief minister and all this happened due to Jayalalitha’s blind trust on her.



Despite, Jayalalitha slammed Sasikala to leave her House, Veda Nilayam during the periods in 1996 and 2012 for her anti party activities, sasikala continued to stay with her. Though her husband was thrown out in 1990, she did not leave.


Sasikala’s nephew was adopted by Jayalalitha as a foster son and in 1995 she was accused to misuse the state resources to fund the wedding of Sasikala’s nephew.



It was 61 year old Sasikala Natarajan who performed the last rites for Jayalalitha.

Sasikala Natarajan’s life has been a ladder of ups and downs. Neither there are negative opinions on her nor an intention to spread any. We have just put the things that are said, rumored and discussed.