10 Instances in Kannada Movies Where The Soundtrack Was A Hit But The Movie Didn’t Click

One of the best ways to promote a movie, especially in India, is to have a great soundtrack. The general notion of a moviegoer is that if few of the songs sound good, then the film will also be watchable.

However, many a time, this assumption has gone wrong. In several cases, while the audio album turned out to be excellent, the movie did not seem so great at the theaters. In this article, we discuss such recent instances in Sandalwood. These movies had terrific songs but, unfortunately, the experience was not the same in front of the big screen.



A Yograj Bhat- V Harikrishna combo is bound to produce a memorable soundtrack. They did that with Paramathma but the movie, owing to an incoeherent storyline, did not do so well at the cinemas.

Courtesy: Filmibeat

Just Math Mathalli

Just like Paramathma, Just Math Mathalli was also yet another victim of a having a slow love-story as its plot. Again, just like Paramathma, Just Math Mathalli also had terrific songs, especially the one that had the voice of Raghu Dixit.

Mungaru Male 2

Maybe, instead of watching, if you just listen to this movie, the experience could be better. Of course, the film was not that bad, but when you weight it along with Arjun Janya’s music, the balance is missing somewhere.


The Villain

Music is a big part of Prem’s promotional strategy. Along with the star-cast, songs were also an attraction for ‘The Villain’. However, as we all know, with an underwhelming story, the movie had a tough time at the theaters.


Amar had a few melodious songs, especially the one crooned by Sanjith Hegde. The trailer was also decent, but the pace of the plot and the unconvincing twists did not excite the audience very much.

Raj The Showman

Another offering of Prem, the movie had a decent story along with some extremely listenable songs. However, Prem erred with the screenplay, and here is where the movie met with forgettable reviews.


Maleyali Jotheyali

Maleyali Jotheyali was Ganesh’s return to his favorite forte – a love story set amidst the hilly regions. This genre demands melodious music, and V Harikrishna did exactly that. A few songs are still popular, and it would have been great had the movie done well at the box-office.

Doddmane Huduga

While Suri and Puneeth Rajkumar were reuniting yet again, the film was also bolstered by the presence of Ambareesh. However, like how the film created magic with its songs, they could not achieve it with the movie as a whole.


‘Ee Sanje Yaakagide’ and ‘Nannu Stylu Berene’ were some of the chartbusters at that time. Mano Murthy was in top form around that period, and Geleya was one of his best albums. However, the movie, despite carrying decent expectations, met with average reviews.



In his first film as a music director, Raghu Dixit created magic with his spectacular tunes. His vocals, too, was impressive. Raghu’s fusion music brought a breath of fresh air to KFI, and therefore triggered a sort of a trend.