10 Indian wedding ideas from a guest perspective


Indian weddings are a combination of traditional customs handed down from generations, with ethical religious rituals along with music, dance, colourful attires and food. The celebrations continue for days and allow families to come together and mingle over fun and frolic.

The weddings have become an outlet for an inherent opportunity of the parents to show off their capability of hosting a ceremony that surpasses all. The ideas for bringing out some class and uniqueness to the event are innumerable. From the guests perspective here are a few ideas for Indian weddings which would leave behind memories to cherish long after the celebrations are over.

1) Environmental Friendly Wedding

If you strongly feel about Mother Nature and would like to do your little bit towards the cause, then you could go for this theme. Choose an outdoor location, decorated with fresh flowers and greens. Go for the recycling of decorations and donation of leftovers.

2) Farm House Wedding

If you like the rustic look, with outdoor activities and would like guests to be impressed with the fresh organic layout of food, with open space for family bonding activities.

3) Resort Wedding

Many resorts offer five-star comforts along with sprawling green space and amenities like spa, swimming along with chirping birds and cool outdoors which guests would relish.

4) Waterfront Wedding

Waterfront wedding venue with Riviera banquet halls set in picturesque tranquil locations in India and abroad would be ideal for small size gathering, one can find this kind of banquet halls in Gurgaon. This would offer a peaceful, serene landscape where guests can relax and enjoy the wedding.

5) Destination Wedding

With a limited guest list, this could be a good option. Tying the knot in an exotic location in style would be a dream of many couples. One could choose a foreign location or one within India like Goa, Jaipur etc. With advance planning, one could strike a good bargain and leave all guests with an awesome experience of the lifetime.

6) Court / Temple marriage

If your schedule and choice permit one-day affair then this could be the best option which your guests would love. Go for a simple wedding with very close friends at the court / religious place and then have a lavish party with all the frills in the evening.

7) Royal Wedding

If you want guests to be left spellbound with the grandeur then go back to our rich historical weddings within the palatial backdrop. India has a wide variety of choice of historical palaces with their sprawling ethnic decors, attires styles that once adorned kings and queens and a majestic menu choice to set the mood.

8) On the Yacht

If you have a handful of fun-loving guests then you could convert your fantasy into reality and have a romantic wedding on a chartered yacht. Companies like Boat Booking India or kook.com could help you get vessel at your disposal on waters at Mumbai, Goa, Kerala and you could plan a mesmerizing experience for self and your guests!

9) Garden Wedding

If you love the exotic surroundings of beautiful landscapes in full bloom then you could plan a garden trip wedding. There are many venues which would offer this luxury at specific times of the year eg. Spring wedding at Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island in Michigan, Chateaux of Loire Valley, France etc your guests will be spellbound.

10) Wedding in the air

With a very close circle just be on top of the world and get married in a hot air balloon while the world looks up at you! Other than international venues you could locate them at Jaipur, Lonavala or Goa. It will give guests something to talk about for decades.

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