10 incredible behind the scene stories about Namma Karnataka Memes which are truly inspiring

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Behind the Scenes of NKM

Namma Karnataka Memes, one of the most loved and popular social media page is in talks today because of their work towards spreading awareness about Kannada and Karnataka’s culture to the best of their efforts. I believe that there is no Kannadiga who is active on social media is unaware of Namma Karnataka Memes (NKM). The page has gained immense popularity not only in Karnataka but across the world through the witty memes and posts which moved so many people to tears. They carry an unbelievable humor with a stronger message to society that people can easily connect to. Today, if memes are considered to be the most effective way of communication then NKM definitely holds a bigger stake in it.

There are so many things happening around on social media. On one side if it is for entertainment then on another side it has literally become a virtual media that questions, discuss, encourage and protests so many things that the mainstream media doesn’t do. NKM is not just another meme page that we have around. It is special because it is working for Kannada and Karnataka without expecting much in return except your love and respect towards our language.


There was a curiosity to know more about NKM, their ambitions, the team, the journey and their few unsaid achievements. Today, I am extremely proud and glad to present the story of this vibrant team and the incredible behind the scene stories about Namma Karnataka Memes.

It was all started back in 2013

NKM was started way back in 2013 when there were no meme pages on Kannada. There were few English pages and people were in an impression that speaking English was cool. Somewhere there was a need of someone who could say about Kannada language in a way that hasn’t said before. That is when a team of two decided to start a page to promote Kannada with humor on the front.

It is quite amazing to know that NKM is managed by a team of college going students and interesting part of it is that an average age of this team is just 21 With engineering and commerce students on board, NKM has a department for videos, memes, website and youTube channel.


behind the scene stories about Namma Karnataka Memes

At one of time, the page was about to shut down

The page was created but with time, everyone had got busy with their life and posts were not reaching to a larger audience. There was no expected results and competition from other bigger pages was damn too high. The team decided to join hands with other pages but the proposal got denied brutally. Then a tough decision was made by an admin to continue the work. No matter what they continued to post daily with a stronger belief that good will never go unnoticed and today NKM is the biggest troll/memes pages in Karnataka with 500K+ (Facebook and Insta included) followers.

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Driving force for NKM is people

When asked, “What is the driving force that keeps you moving?”, the admin of NKM says,

When we are able to entertain 500k people on social media on a daily basis, what more you need. Those moments are priceless when we receive appreciating messages from people who are of age (16 – 50) almost every day. We are proud that we are bringing that smile on people’s face and this is the driving force that gives us an extra push.”


behind the scene stories about Namma Karnataka Memes

NKM is doing things that mainstream media is not doing

As you are aware, the recent TOI incident and things that happened around it. The protest made on NKM page was so effective that it showed the power of Kannadigas. Amusing thing is that TOI now has added kannada on their insta page. All credits go to meme pages like NKM and their effort towards it. With this, NKM was also successful in getting down the profiles of online rapists who abused girls on social media and the listicle goes on and on.

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NKM website was down for a month and their Youtube channel was hacked

We all know that NKM has its own website where they promote local Kannada talents and encourage young Kannadigas to come out with something that is big and out of the box. Indeed, it’s an achievement to have a website at the age of 20 but it was down for a month due to some phishy attacks and the saddest thing is that NKM’s old youTube channel was hacked and they couldn’t recover it.

behind the scene stories about Namma Karnataka Memes

Secret behind NKM’s amazing memes and posts

Finally, the secret is revealed and when asked about it, the admin says,


It comes out with an experience. We respect people’s expectation and always strive towards it. We have a Whatsapp group where we discuss everything. There are 1000s of posts that went unposted because one or the other guy didn’t like it in our group. We always believe that if things we create doesn’t impress at least 2 in the team then there is no chance it would impress millions.

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NKM’s fan following includes celebrities like Ramesh Arvind and Rocking star Yash.

There are times when Ramesh Arvind and big stars like Yash appreciated the work of NKM and the team considers it as a motivation to achieve more. For the students who don’t expect much from the fame they have, this kind of gesture from celebrities is something which is appreciable.

Actually, the page was started with a different name

When NKM page was started, it was not in the name of Namma Karnataka Memes. Like everyone, they went with the word ‘troll’ in their name but then realized that as their motto is to promote Kannada and Karnataka, they renamed it to Namma Karnataka Memes. By the way, the old name was ‘Troll On’.

Admin says with a smile and bliss in his eyes that, “This page is just not a Facebook page but it is an emotion to many. We all work like a family.”


behind the scene stories about Namma Karnataka Memes

Initiatives by NKM to support many

NKM’s initiatives are truly inspiring right from their step towards spreading awareness about the efforts of Saalumarada Thimmakka to their contribution to NGOs and supporting the local Kannada talents. NKM is a force that drives a million dreams to reality.

behind the scene stories about Namma Karnataka Memes

Finally, NKM admins are still single.

At the age of 20, you and I would not have taken such a responsibility of managing a page followed by 500 thousand people. There is no single day where they have not posted a meme. Don’t you think they deserve a salute for it? Yes, indeed.

So, this was all about NKM and their stories behind the scene. If you haven’t liked their page, then seriously you should do it right away. Do not forget to check out their awesome website and do subscribe to their youTube channel for an authentic content on Kannada and Karnataka.