10 Extremely Cringy Titles Of Recently Dubbed Kannada Movies That Would Make You Go ROFL

Dubbed content is now flooding Kannada Film Industry, especially post the pandemic. Especially on TV, the situation is firm. While there is still debate on whether it needs to be there, now that it is already in full flow, a few aspects of it might need tinkering.

One aspect that has caught our attention with dubbed movies are the poor titles. A few titles have been lazily conceived, while a few names do not seem to have a relationship with the content inside. For the dubbing market to become stronger, this aspect of the film inevitably should get more focus.


Nonetheless, in this piece, we delve upon the lighter side of it. We list out a few titles of dubbed Kannada movies released so far, which we feel are extremely funny. Funny just because the names feel terribly out of place.

Banda Namma Sarrainodu – Sarrainodu

This has got to be one of the most outrageous decisions taken ever since dubbing was allowed in Kannada. ‘Sarrainodu’ is clearly not a Kannada word, and the makers have just made a mess of it by the extremely lazy prefix words.

Jagamalla – Viswasam

Thank God the makers did not name the dubbed version of ‘Viswasam’ as ‘Vishwasa’. Nonetheless, Jagamalla is equally bad, but slightly better when you compare with the gems that you will come across below.


Selfie Shuru Maadida Love Story – Geetha Govindam

This is a lesson for budding writers, as the name of this movie can prove to be a blockbuster logline. Makers have revealed the first plot point through the movie title, and we aren’t sure if its a good or a bad thing. But we are pretty sure that the title is bad.

Vega Mattu Udvega 8 – Fast and Furious 8

Dubbing content creators will pray that Google is available in their times. Otherwise, they would have had a tough time titling the dubbed version of Fast and Furious 8.

Ram Loves Saaru – Nambiar

If dubbing was meant to offer better and more diverse content to native Kannadigas, then we leave it to your imagination as to what would come first in the minds of the people when they hear this title. Let alone people, even Google was confused with ‘Ram Loves Saaru’. You can test it too.


Thirugso Meese – Thippara Meesam

Common guys, you can at least try to become creative! There was a sense of heroism in the Telugu title, but when you come to the dubbed version, we feel really sorry for those who thought that the title would impress the viewers.

Lakshmi Baa Nammanege – Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki

Just like Thirugso Meese, this title is also neatly flicked off a Telugu-Kannada translation book. However, we feel that Lakshmi Baa Nammenege is more cringy than Thirugso Meese. Okay, so if Hollywood tries to dub this movie, would they name it as ‘Lakshmi Come to Our House’?

Kirk Love Story – Oru Adaar Love

The movie was dubbed to take advantage of one ‘wink’, and the makers did not do well even with the title. It seems as though the film was named keeping in mind the search algorithms of Youtube.


Veera Maharshi – Maharshi

For God’s sake, Maharshi is not the name of the hero in the movie. His name is Rishi, and Maharshi signifies his character. By introducing ‘Veera’ before Maharshi, we are not sure what makers were trying to achieve.

Commando Beteya Bennathi – Vivegam

While Commando is a decent name, what was the necessity for that cringy extension? There does not seem to be any justification for the two words, especially when the genre of the film is visible in plain sight.