10 Expert tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment

tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment

A person doesn’t need a yard to create a perfect garden. Most people are not aware that it is possible to set up a garden in their own apartment garden without having a garden. There are a few tips and techniques which must be strictly followed. Here we are with few expert tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment.

Tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment

Get your light right

This is the most crucial thing you should do before setting up a garden. A person must carefully analyze how many hours of sunlight his/her apartment receives. You should also pay attention to the indirect light. There are other important factors that a person must consider such as the time a person can spare to treat the plants and the type of climate in your region.

tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment

Starting with a few pots

It is not a must to start with many plants. A person can purchase between 3-5 pots when starting. Once your garden goes green, go for more.

apartment gardening

Choosing the right plants

It is important to choose plants which are easy to manage and are suitable to your environment. Always categorize plants according to their light or moisture requirements. Few of the edible plants to grow in your Apartment are Avocados, Tomatoes, Lemons, Salad Greens, Mushrooms and etc.

Don’t grow annual seeds

Growing plants from seeds aren’t that easy. It not only takes a lot of time to grow but also a lot of efforts to nurture them. It is always better to purchase potted plants when setting up a garden in your apartment.

tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment

Grow a combination of plants

Create a perfect combination. This should include both annual plants and perennials. Always ensure plants are suitable to your environment.

Check your planters

This plays an important role when determining if your apartment garden grows or withers after a short period of time. Please make sure the containers you intend to use are compatible with the growth habitats of your plants. This includes drainage.

Avoid using just any dirt

Not every soil is suitable for pots. There is potting soil designed for containers. They are generally lighter than normal soil.


A person feels happy to have a year round blooming flower garden. Always choose that bloom at different times of the year. Remove plants which their blooming season has ended.

tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment

Take care of the Plants

If you really want to have a beautiful garden in your apartment, take care of your plants. This is regardless of their price. You can start by giving your plants a good drink depending on the environment. Plants need more water if in a windy area. Make sure you don’t rush watering the plants. Water the plant until water starts draining out.


There are some people who love their apartment to look outstanding. In such cases, avoid purchasing plants with more than three colors in addition to green. This not only helps your garden look over-cluttered but you will be able to enjoy both rational and air feel.

I hope you found these ‘tips to set up a Garden in your Apartment’ helpful. I wish you embrace the Greenery like a Pro. Wish you a Happy Gardening.

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