10 easy ways to raise funds for your startup

easy ways to raise funds

It can be extremely difficult raise funds to start your business. Well, there can be ways of doing that. Let’s bump into some of these ways to raise funds for your startup.

Crowd Funding


It is an effective technique of raising money. You can do it by funding a project by the personal funds of the people involved.

Venture Capital

Wealthy investors like to invest their capital in businesses with a long term growth perspective. Start-up entrepreneurs can go for venture capital to fund their business needs. Venture capitalists are interested in investing in early-stage businesses that have high potential for return on investment.


Bank Financing

It is the most common way to raise the funds for your startup. New business entrepreneurs use to raise capital for their business.

Angel Investment


Investors who are eager to invest in start-up business are like angles for you. These investments are usually in lieu of ownership equity or convertible debt.

Raise funds by winning contest

There are some contests that can really offer some fund raising opportunities to entrepreneurs and provide some business ideas to start their business.


Get Funding from Business Incubators & Accelerators

Incubator and Accelerator programs are good start-up funding option.

Govt. Programs that offer startup capital

In order to boost innovative product companies, Government has launched many programs that can help you to raise easy funds.

Social network to raise funds

Attach your business with a cause. People will get excited through regular, high energy updates and activities. They will happily send donations when you request them.

Create a website and sell advertising


Just start a blog on Word Press or a video on YouTube and share creativity that others would enjoy. You can get paid by Google Ad Sense or banner advertising networks.

Be a JV broker

A joint venture broker can get commission by putting two parties together who need each other to do the business.

Are you passionate about your business idea? Convince investors that your idea will be the next big thing and raise funds easily.