10 Dog Breeds Across the World which are as popular as a movie celebrity

Dog Breeds

Dogs are among the most loved and preferred animals when it comes to having a pet. Their selfless love and loyalty have had stood the test of times. While keeping the family engaged, they also become a part of the family. However, different dogs have different nature. Thus, some breeds are more popular than the others. Here is the list of most sought dog breeds all over the world.

Popular Dog Breeds across the World

Labrador retriever

Labrador Retrievers top the list as they are the friendliest dogs. They were originally raised to accompany fishermen, fetch ropes and fishes. Labs have been trained to be assistance dogs, search dogs, rescue dogs and hunting companions.

Dog Breeds

German Shepard

Just like labs, these have been trained to help mankind and also are excellent guard dogs.

german shepeherd


With sharp smelling ability, beagles are known as scent hounds. These friendly dogs are deployed at airports to smell illegal food.

Dog Breeds


Initially bred to be waterfowl hunters, these intelligent dogs have evolved to be quite famous for their hairdo. Agility and obedience of poodles are admired in dog shows.

popular dog breeds

Yorkshire Terriers

The docile and sweet terriers are cheerful and eager to please. As they bark a lot, they prove to be excellent watch-dogs.

Dog Breeds

Shih Tzus

Known as Lion Dog, Shih Tzus are full of energy and look up to their owners to vent out their energy in a cute style. The friendly and playful dogs are really good with children.

popular dog breeds


Pomeranians originated from the Spitz breed and are termed as the toy dogs. They have been famous due to centuries of adoption trend by royal people.

Dog Breeds


Chihuahuas are loyal to families and it said that their temperament depends on that of owner’s.

Dog Breeds

Bull dogs

Bulldogs require less physical activity and are best suited for people who cannot take them out for long walks.

popular dog breeds


Pugs strike a chord with people based on their cuteness and always-sticking-out tongue.

Dog Breeds

No matter what breed you opt for, you will be satisfied with the love and affection that you will receive from your dog. They are a great companion irrespective of their breed.



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