10 Delicious Mumbai Foods You must have while you are there

mumbai foods

Mumbai foods are exciting because it contains borrowed, native, interpreted and refurbished versions. Here are some meals worth trying out while in Mumbai. Most people love Mumbai for having beautiful and attractive tourist’s sites.

Mumbai is always flooded with tourists throughout the year. A few people know that Mumbai contains one of the most delicious meals in the entire India. This ranges from snack, street food or meals in fancy restaurants and hotels.

Delicious Aamchi Mumbai Foods

Street food

Street foods in Mumbai stand out from the rest in other cities because of its different unique flavor. You will find many delicious street foods in Mumbai ranging from Pani Puri, Patti Samosas, raw mango slices and Kala Khatta among others. These dishes come with different flavors, textures, and color.Generally, there is something for everyone.

mumbai foods

A Konkani coastal Meal

If you didn’t know Konkani coast starts from Mumbai to Goa. This is the reason there are many coastal delicious means everywhere in Mumbai. Most Mumbai restaurants offer a mix of Gomatak and Malvini cuisines.

The Konkani coastal meals range from prawn, tangy fish curries, Sol kadi and Bombil among others. The most recommended coastal means worth trying out are Mutton masala, Tisriya suke, and rice Bhakris among others.

mumbai special

Typical vegetarian Maharashtrian meal

There is definitely something for everyone in Mumbai. There are some delicious meals which can be found in Mumbai. Here are some of the famous vegetarian meals offered in various restaurants around Mumbai; Varan Bhat, Usal, Koshimbir, Pale Bhaji, kandha pohe and missal paav among others. The good thing about these vegetarian meals is that they are very affordable compared to other cities.

mumbai coastal food

South Indian meals

South Indians once lived in Mumbai. As a result, a couple of restaurants and joints have been established, which offer the unique south Indian meals. A taste of the South Indian meals will definitely make you come back to Mumbai every now and then.

Parsi meals

There are many Irani cafes and restaurants around Mumbai which offer simple menus with a blend of the Parsi meals. The most common Paris meals around Mumbai include Salli Botti, Kheema Ghotala, and mutton Dhansak among others. Irani cafes offer meals ranging from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is one reason why you should visit Mumbai, especially if you understand Parsi meals.

mumbai foods

Mangalorean meals

Many of you are already shocked with the wide variety of dishes available in Mumbai. Dishes along the west coast are very overwhelming because of their unique flavors and taste. There are a couple of Mangalorean restaurants which offer a wide range of the Mangalorean meals. These meals range from seafood, Neer Dosa, Ghassiand chicken Roti among others. The good thing about Mangalorean meals is that anyone can try them.

mumbai special

International meals

As we all know, Mumbai is one of the tourist attraction cities in India. This is one reason why there are many international meals to serve various tourists from all over the world. These meals range from salads, burgers, and pizzas among others.

So, when you are in Mumbai, do not forget to taste these authentic mumbai foods. If you have been to Mumbai or if you have any interesting Mumbai experience then you can share with us in the comments below.



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