10 Defining Performances Which Have Adorned The Career Of Kiccha Sudeep

Sandalwood actor Kiccha Sudeep is celebrating his 25 years in cinema industry. After a quiet start to his career, during which he mainly concentrated on expanding his fan-base in the state, Sudeep took a different route of installing himself as a pan-India actor. The move came off, and here he is, positioned as a highly celebrated actor in the country. In this article, we take a look at ten performances of Sudeep, which we think has enabled him to reach where he is now.


Although a remake, Sudeep was extremely successful in pulling off this challenging role. The character needed a makeover too, and Sudeep aced it in this aspect as well.



One of the most underrated performances of Sudeep, his display in Valee is something that sort of took the audience by surprise. He enacted a negative shade, and was quite successful in shielding it with a positive face. It is here he truly showed that he is a versatile material.


A performance that gave him a state award, Sudeep’s fan-base grew by a big amount after this movie. Nandhi gave Sudeep an identity in the industry and proved everyone that he had the potential to become a star.


One that gave him the much-loved prefix, Sudeep’s act in Kiccha was star-worthy. His mannerisms were a instant hit, and before long, Sudeep’s name became a topic of household discussion.


Swati Muthu

Choosing to reprise a role played by Kamal Haasan is in itself a challenge, but Sudeep took it up and also managed to come out successful from the attempt. Sudeep’s mark was present in the performance, and hence, everyone loved the show immensely.


Sudeep’s lady fans were in love with this movie. They got to witness the ‘most handsome’ version of their favorite actor, while also enjoying a beautiful performance. Largely an emotional role, Sudeep’s act as an RJ was highly appreciated by the audience.

Kempe Gowda

After a while, with Kempe Gowda, Sudeep struck the mass-audience with his ferocious avatar. Although a remake, Sudeep brought out his originality and exhibited his inherent skills through a cult character.



Eega was the vent for the talent named Sudeep. Rajamouli exploited the skills of the actor, and as the output, the audience was given an unforgettable performance on the screen. If not for Sudeep, we just cannot imagine this movie.


While everyone was in the Eega hangover, Sudeep’s follow-up was a brilliant movie called ‘Bachchan’. Taglined as the ‘Angry Young Man’, Sudeep had more than just that to do for his character. Sudeep’s variations in the performance were yet again testimony to the wonderful asset he is to the industry.

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

It is difficult to make your presence felt amongst bigwigs like Amitabh Bachchan and Chiranjeevi. However, Sudeep did just that with this movie. Although a brief role, Sudeep’s performance was felt throughout this film.


Special mention: Rann, Rakta charita