10 Breakthrough Stars Whose “Next” Movie We Are Badly Waiting For

Sandalwood has never been curtailed of acting talent. However, until now, the spotlight had mainly been on the “stars”.

Nevertheless, in recent times, the collision between the evolution of OTT Platforms, and the rise in usage of social media has brought several faces some much-deserved recognition. While a few of them are debutantes, others have toiled hard in the biz. before the payoff.


The “Breakthrough” movie has allowed them to rise higher than ever before, and we sure are waiting eagerly for their “next” step.

Darling Krishna

Breakthrough Movie: Love Mocktail

A couple of supporting roles and a few as the lead actor, ‘Love Mocktail’ was the true vent to Darling Krishna’s acting skills. In a ‘coming-of-age’ movie, the actor impressed with his diversity and adaptability. Two of his movies have already been announced, and hopefully, they will release at the earliest.


Pruthvi Ambaar

Breakthrough Movie: Dia

A well-known name in Tulu films, Pruthvi Ambaar was a revelation in ‘Dia’. His character was genuinely liked by the audience and Pruthvi’s acting was also appreciated. We would like to see him play a lead role in a Kannada movie soon.


Breakthrough Movie: KGF Chapter 1


Garuda Ram has signed a few movies in other languages but in Kannada, we are yet to see him in a prominent role ever since Rocky Bhai slit his throat in KGF Chapter 1. At the moment, it is a hard time for the fans of ‘Garuda’ to keep waiting.

Kushee Ravi

Breakthrough Movie: Dia

Although a newbie, Kushee Ravi won hearts with her effective portrayal of a complex character called ‘Dia’. She has not announced her “next”, although many are impatiently waiting for it.


Teju Belawadi

Breakthrough Movie: Gantumoote

Teju Belawadi is a serious talent that Sandalwood has to consider at any cost. A bold and mature role in her first movie, Teju aced it perfectly and impressed the audience.

Milana Nagaraj

Breakthrough Movie: Love Mocktail

Although she did recently release a movie called ‘Matthe Udbhava’, we guess the movie was shot before Love Mocktail. Milana Nagaraj’s path has also been similar to that of her beau – Darling Krishna’s. Her fanbase is strong in Karnataka, and Love Mocktail-2 (if she is a part of it) could expand it further.



Breakthrough Movie: Premier Padmini

Just like Milana Nagaraj, Pramod as well appeared in a movie called ‘Matte Udbhava’ after Premier Padmini. Although he was good in ‘Geetha Bangle Store’, it was only after ‘Premier Padmini’ that he gained more recognition. He looks to be a complete actor, and Sandalwood needs more of such talents to be coming through.

Shrinidhi Shetty

Breakthrough Movie: KGF Chapter 1

Although she has signed a movie in Tamil, Shrinidhi Shetty is yet to agree on a film in Sandalwood. Of course, KGF Chapter-2 is coming up but a ‘non-Reena’ role will excite her fans more.


Breakthrough Movie: Katha Sangama (Lachhavva)


The best part of Katha Sangama was at the end when the short-film ‘Lacchavva’ appeared in front of the audience. Although a non-trained actor, Paravva did a spectacular job ,and we are curious about her next act.

Courtesy: The News Minute

Nithya Shri

Breakthrough Movie: Vrithra

Nithya Shri’s impressive screen-presence offered a fresh experience to Sandalwood audience, who had been fed with orthodox women-oriented movies till then. Hopefully, we can see more of this actress in the future.