10 best hotels in Bangalore to eat Masala Dosa

hotels for masala dosa in bangalore

Every city has their own tastes and famous food items (specialty depending on the city to city) and today we will let you know about few amazing places in Bangalore where you can get the best and very tasty masala dosa. Check out our listicle of best hotels in Bangalore to eat Masala Dosa

Shri Sagar

To start with, Shri Sagar formerly known as CTR is located in Malleshwarm, one of the finest place to grab and munch masala dosa at a very convenient price.



Mavalli tiffin room located at Lalbagh is an old joint serving its customers for generations. Their dosa is famous worldwide especially because of the amazing and unique chutney.



Janatha hotel located at Malleswaram is one of the finest and comes under your budget and also to add, they serve dosa with filter coffee if asked, and the duo tastes like heaven.

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Vidyarthi Bhavan, located at Basavanagudi is certainly a place where you should definitely visit and it’s widely known and is famous for its ghee dripping dosa with amazing chutney since 1938.


99 Dosa

99 varieties dosa- dosa on wheels located at Koramangala and Indiranagar is one of those places where you would like to visit times and again. They serve dosas with three different chutneys and with various combos including noodles, corn paneer, pav bhaji and more.


Konark, located at the heart of the residency road is certainly one of the Banglore’s legacy restaurants serving its customers since years. If you happen to visit there, be sure to order cheese dosa, they serve the best dosa in the city. Amazingly tasty and you won’t be satisfied with the one I can bet that.


Skanda Dosa Camp

Skanda dosa camp, one of the best dosa places in and around Indiranagar. Situated right next to the famous Sai Baba temple on Cambridge road is a must visit. Once you’re there don’t forget to order the ghee masala dosa and plain dosa.


Adigas, located around different places in Bangalore, has amazing dosas to offer to its customers and with the spicy sambar, it’s something to die for.


Ramu Tiffin Center

Ramu tiffin center located at VV Puram welcomes anyone and everyone to try their amazingly tasty dosas at a very convenient price and the plain dosa is its specialty and you should try it out, at least once, you won’t be disappointed.

Street Food

Street food located at Jewelers street is one of the best dosa places in Bangalore and is renowned for its amazing taste and quality.

These were few of the top dosa centers located in Bangalore, do visit them and let your tongue taste the best dosas at a very convenient and modest price.