10 ‘Bengaluru’ Things We Miss The Most During The Lockdown

Namma Bengaluru has already crossed the ‘tag’ of just being a city for many of us. It is a ‘feeling’ for us, and a couple of factors have been responsible for this impact.

The lockdown has played a barrier to Bengaluru and its citizens in the last month or so. There are certain things about the city which we dearly miss, something we would be discussing in this write-up.


Donne Biryani & other delicacies of the family

Ordering on Swiggy or Zomato is fine, but who cares for our want of unlimited onions? and lemons too! Donne Biryani will surely top our post-lockdown bucket lists.

malgudi donne biryani rajajinagar

Dose + Chutney

We dearly miss the Dosas and their Chutney counterparts from the iconic joints in the city. Not everyone lives close to CTR or MTR, and unfortunately, we will have to live with this hard truth for a few more days.

davanagere benne dose in bengaluru

Filter Kaapi

Again, we can still prepare them at the confinement of our homes but nothing can match the feel of a ‘By-Two’ Filter Kaapi at the iconic eateries in the city. We miss the tumblers too!


Filter Coffee Places in Bangalore

Green Studded Roads

Bengaluru’s green-studded roads have had their impact on many of us. Not having enjoyed it for a couple of weeks is indeed a tough pill to swallow.

Courtesy: Postoast

Fluctuating Weather

Now that it could be raining in Indiranagar and at the same instant, Sun could be shining bright in Koramangala, with us locked up at our areas, Bengaluru’s oscillating weather is giving us major missing feels.

Via skymetweather

Public Transport

Be it BMTC, Metro, or even the Cab-Aggregators, Bengaluru’s Public Transport is on par with the best, and they are being missed by many.


BMTC Buses to get Pink Seats

Conversations with strangers

Conversations with strangers erupt almost anywhere in Bengaluru. Sometimes even with people whom you are standing at the signal while crossing a road. Around April-May, the talks would have been about RCB but post the lockdown, you know what the trending topic will be.

Of course, Traffic

As much as they trouble us, Traffic has just become an inseparable part of Bengaluru. Sometimes, we accept things with flaws and I guess, we would be okay to be struck for 1 hour at Silk Board after the lockdown.

Potholes to an extent

Apart from our careers, this is one ‘high and low’ that we experience in Bengaluru almost every day. Although the lockdown has denied that experience for us, we’re sure they will welcome us with elan after normalcy resumes.



Beer & Nightlife

Firstly, Liquor shops aren’t open. It is a major detox cycle for the majority of the Bangaloreans. And no nightlife adds to the frustration. Bengaluru cannot be imagined without these two, and hence, we miss them.

What are you missing? Let us know in the comments below.